Eric Ritter

Great food!! Best burger ever! Awesome atmosphere with friendly service. If they’re in town, I’m there.

Jeannie Biamby

The Best burger I’ve ever had hands down… better than Guys Burgers, Jake’s Way B0ck Burgers, Five Guys etc.

Rob White

By far one of the best grilled half yard bird I’ve ever tasted. I recommend this and I can’t wait to try everything on the menu!

Brooke H. Wells

Fantastic delicious burgers!!! Definitely recommend getting SmashMouth Burgers!!! From start to finish fantastic food & service!

Rebecca Melson

One of the best burgers I’ve had in years. The fries were good enough to go by themselves.

Mouthwatering Burgers Every Time

Ashley Deering

These burgers were delicious. So juicy and not greasy. The smash sauce, perfecto. We’ll definitely be back. Thank you guys!

Jose Marcos Salaverria

Been seeing this food truck traveling all over Sussex County, and kept missing them. Finally, caught up with them in Milton. WORTH WAITING FOR! The burger selection and variety was awesome, great ingredients, build onto great patties, melty cheese, and a crisp brioche buns. The “FRANK” chili dog was excellent as well with a generous portion. Can’t wait till they come to town again!

Kaci Leppert

The burger was very excellent and I would recommend it.

Will Hickman

Worth every penny. Santa Fe burger was fantastic and my daughter loved the chicken breast sandwich!

Jerry J Mulcahy

I have been dying to try SmashMouth burgers. I saw the truck parked in route 1 and did a u-turn. It was worth it!! The burger was the best I’ve had in Delaware!! The fries were great too. The couple who run it are so nice and friendly. The food was fast, good price and delicious. I’m going to be stalking that truck!!!!

Dina Hollingsworth

Holy Heck, we love SmashMouth!! Have been trying to get to them forever, dang COVID, and finally made it tonight. Fantastic burgers, absolutely love, love them! can not say enough about them, wonderful food, wonderful people…felt safe from all the craziness tonight on our date night with SmashMouth! These guys are working hard to make all of us happy, happy, thank you, thank you!!

Jessica Baum

The best burgers around. The Farmhouse is so delicious. You guys are crushing it!

Lynn Poknis

Smashburger was a smash! The food was fantastic. Great food.

Heather France-Kelly

Just had a Smash Patty! Amazing! The smash sauce, caramelized onions and pickles really made this one great meal! Thank you!

Matt Crawford

Great service, great food, good prices!

Sarah Malzahn Sickler

The burger was on point! Got the cowboy up, and looking to repeat! Smash fries OMG! Absolutely worth the wait. Great food.

Stephen John Dolnack

We had awesome burgers and crazy good fries! Can’t wait for next time. Great food.

Mouthwatering Burgers Every Time

Dianne Beck

f you get a chance you HAVE to try their burgers!!! They are massive and one of the best burgers I’ve ever had!!! And those fries!!!!! Awesome!!!

George Chaz

Delicious burgers with excellent variety! Cowboy Up was my favorite, and the fries were just as good. Will travel for SmashMouth fare! Great food!

Stephanie Zannino Owens

One of the most amazing burgers I’ve had…ever! Fries were on point!! Great portions! Find this truck!!

Holly Holton

Amazing, made to order, homemade food. Absolutely loved my burger. Will def be returning!

Amber Barnes

We went out last night to try smashmouth. When we arrived the place was packed. We were greeted in a timely manner and the lady taking orders was very polite and helpful. The wait for the food was long, but let me tell you it was SO worth it and I’d do it all over again. The staff was doing the vest they could to accommodate the crazy amount of orders that they had. The food was fresh and the servings were huge. If you’re looking for a good burger, this is the place to go. Oh and the smash fries. Omg. Sorry for the bad pictures, we ate on the tailgate of the truck bc we just couldn’t wait until we got home to eat.

Mark Thompson

Amazingly delicious burgers. The couple that run the business are the friendliest restaurant owners I have ever met. This is now my favorite burger.

Ann Haggerty

Amazing food! The best burger I have ever eaten! Our entire work team had a blast ordering their lunch today and they are raving about the food! One of the best events to date! Thank you SmashMouth Burgers!

Eric McGinnis

Awesome burgers! Peanut oil fries were fantastic.

Kristen Nicole

Best burger we’ve ever had! they came to our neighborhood Friday, and we can’t stop talking about the delicious burgers and fries. hands down the best burger!

Mouthwatering Burgers Every Time