About SmashMouth Burgers

There's Nothing Like A Good Burger

There’s nothing like a good burger. The entire experience of eating a great burger is pure bliss. First, you pick up a warm buttery bun and feel the weight of the burger in your hands. The savory aroma of cheese, condiments, and beef tantalize your taste buds before you even take your first bite. Then you sink your teeth into a perfectly juicy patty that makes your mouth water with every morsel. From our Blue Ribbon to our Santa Fe burger, each SmashMouth burger is bursting with flavor that will have you hankering for another bite.

That was the goal of SmashMouth Burgers according to owner & chef Jamie Parsons. Jamie worked at critically acclaimed restaurants in New England. New England’s food scene featured delicious creations like fried clams and chowder, world-famous lobster rolls, and most importantly-smashed burgers.

When Jamie relocated to Delaware, he noticed Delaware was missing an important, tasty creation: smashed burgers. After the pandemic was over, Jamie knew he didn’t want to return to a restaurant. He wanted to deliver great food to people directly. When Jamie heard about a food truck for sale, he knew he had the perfect opportunity to start something great.

Unfortunately in 2022 Jamie lost his battle to cancer and SmashMouth Burgers continues to operate under the same goals and quality ingredients, led by Jamie’s wife NIchole Parsons.



Culinary Scholarship Edit

What Is A Smashed Burger?

Smashed burgers are regular burgers, only smashed! The key to their mouthwatering flavor is that the burgers have more contact with the heat source. This intensifies the toasty flavor.

A Delaware native, Parsons started his restaurant career in his early teens at local restaurants like KupChicks at Lewes Beach and Garden Gourmet in Rehoboth Beach. Then Parsons studied at Johnson & Wales Culinary School before working at critically acclaimed restaurant Figs under renowned chef Todd English. Parsons has also worked at local restaurants like DiFebos and Gilligans.

Quality Ingredients For Quality Burgers

“All our ingredients are fresh. Our freshly ground Black Angus beef and antibiotic free chicken are from Diamond State Meats, our bread is freshly baked from Crack of Dawn Bread, and our produce is from Farm Art and other locally sourced vendors.”