Summer is the most wonderful time of the year. The perfect time for gatherings, occasions, and celebrations with our loved ones. It’s the perfect season for having fun with your family and friends while preparing a delicious meal that everyone will certainly enjoy. Well,  it’s time to move out the grill in your backyard and we are going to cook a perfect dish that everyone will surely love, even the young ones.

Hamburgers or burgers are mainly made of seasoned ground beef, placed inside a bun consisting of lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, onions, mustards, mayo, ketchup, thousand island dressings, and other garnishes that complement well with the patty. Burgers can also be made according to your preferences, if you don’t want ground beef you can replace it with bacon or chicken and if you are a vegan you can put tofu or mushrooms and still be called burgers. But how do burgers get made? Though burgers are easy to cook on the grill, here are some exciting grilling burger tips that can give your burger a restaurant-quality taste that definitely everyone will enjoy.

Wagyu Smash Burger

5 Tips for Grilling Burgers

1. Use cold ground beef. This is the best way to grill your patty because it will create a perfect crust while maintaining its juiciness and desirable medium rare in the center. The secret ingredient of a patty is its own juicy flavored and smoked smell that makes everyone drool and excited to taste. None wants them to crumble and get soggy on the bun, this is why it is recommended to cook the beef right out of the fridge so that it will maintain its freshness and shape. 

2. Season the patty with some herbs and spices and use your hands to gently mix and fold them well. A well-seasoned patty is very important because this will be the basis of the burger. That is why condiments like salt, pepper, garlic powder, some herbs and spices, and the secret ingredient butter will be a perfect combination and it will add moisture to your homemade burgers. Ever wonder why there is butter? Because it will add moistness and juiciness to your patty. This is sometimes the secret ingredient of chefs in restaurants that is why their patties are juicy and not dry.

3. Don’t over-mix the ground beef and shape it with the size of your bun.  The less you handle the meat the better. Mix it enough to form a perfect patty by tossing hand by hand, shaping it with a 1-inch thickness that can fit on your bun. That way, it will not be too thick or thin and it will evenly cook both sides on the grill. 

4. Use a clean grill. Before we can achieve a restaurant-quality made burger make sure to first clean the grill. A clean grill is important because without it you cannot achieve the smoky, juicy flavored patty. You might question if it is better to use charcoal or a gas grill. Well according to top chefs, grilling the burger on charcoal is the best way because it can contribute to the smokiness as well as enhance the flavor of your patty. It is also fine to cook your patty on the gas grill if the charcoal one is not available but make sure to put it on the correct temperature so that it will not be undercooked or overdone.

5. You need to grill the patty at the correct temperature. If your grill is too hot the burger will be burned outside while raw inside, if it is too cold they’ll stick on the grill, dry out, and will be grayish in color. The perfect grill will have a hot zone and a cold zone.

  • Hot zone – with more coals
  • Cold zone- fewer coals

Start by grilling the burger in the hot zone to achieve the perfect crust and move it to the cold zone if they develop too much color. That way, you can control the heat and flames on your patty and it will not be that overcooked. 

6. When should you flip a burger? Wait for about 3-4 minutes then flip it over so that it will be evenly cooked on both sides. Avoid flare-ups or flames on your patty. The fat rendered on patties can cause flames so it is better to check your grilled burgers from time to time and move it on indirect heat so that you can avoid the flames and it will not end up burning your burgers. 

7. Another perfect tip is to add cheese at the last minute. After 5-7 minutes, lay your cheese on top while grilling the burger and wait until it melts, and put it on rest. That way, it will add a flavorful taste to the burger while serving hot.

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Smash Burgers on Grill

Now that you are done grilling the patty, it is now time to assemble the burger. On your bun, top the grilled patty, put some lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cheese, and some dressings, and Viola! You now have restaurant-quality burgers that are made at your home. But what if there are vegans in your family, how about their patties? Well, you don’t need to worry because you can replace the beef patty with either tofu, chicken, or crushed mushrooms. The ingredients are just the same. You will just replace the beef with a non-meat ingredient so that they can still enjoy the burger even without the taste of the meat. 

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