5 Things about Burgers that People Love

If you ask somebody about comfort food, always on the list is the smash burger. But why do we love burgers and keep coming back to this food? Maybe because a tasty burger always suits our taste buds with its juiciness and a blast of different flavors making a tasty burger unique and we all love it.

Hamburgers or burgers are made of ground beef placed inside a bun with lettuce, cheese, onion, tomatoes, mustard, ketchup, mayo, and other condiments that all suit a tasty burger well. Also, tasty burgers or cheeseburgers are the world’s most popular food, serving nearly 50 billion annually. Imagine how famous tasty burgers are, but what are the things that made a smash burger so easy to love and irresistible? Well, here are the 5 things that keep people coming back to the smash burger.

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Smash Burgers

1. Burgers are cheap and easy to eat. Tasty burgers are often priced reasonably on menus.  If you are on a tight budget but still want to enjoy some delicious food that won’t break the bank, tasty burgers will always be on the list and keep you full. Most importantly they are easy to eat, whether you are walking, driving a car, reading or writing. You can enjoy a smash burger anywhere because you can bring it wherever you go. Just be careful with a little mess because some of the smash burgers are full of ingredients so it’s better to always have a paper towel to wipe some mess around. 

2. Burgers will always be our comfort food. Why? It is because of the familiarity. The cheeseburger and hamburger are as American as it gets, and nothing satisfies a comfort craving better!

3. Burgers are easy to make. If you want to throw parties and are wondering what will be the perfect dish to serve, tasty burgers will always be on the top of the list. Since burgers are made of ground beef you can easily grill it on your own and top it with some toppings. Place it inside the bun and tadaaaa you have now the perfect dish that everyone will love.

4. Burgers can be dressed up however you want. We tend to think that burgers are usually made of beef, onions, lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes but you can make it cool and do your own version. You can replace whatever ingredient you want like chicken, pork, bacon, tofu, or other ingredients that you want to add. Our smash burgers are unique and deliciously good because we’ve created lots of different versions.  From the Humongous Fungus to the Wagyu Beef burger, at SmashMouth Burgers you can find several unique smash burgers to satisfy your taste buds!

5. Burgers can make us happy. Yes, you read it right, tasty burgers will always make us happy. Want to know why? Because if we are stressed, alone, sad, or happy and we want to eat something that can boost our serotonin, burgers will be the perfect dish. You cannot resist its juiciness, moistness, and blast of flavors inside your mouth when you are chewing. Since the meat is grounded, you can easily chew it with the other toppings. Pair your burger with some fries and soda our one of our milkshakes and viola you have now a meal that can boost your day and make you feel happy. 

Smash Burger Tower

If you look closely at the fast food chains, many customers are children, why? Because this kind of meal is perfect for our little ones. Burgers are made for everybody and perfectly suit the taste buds of children and adults. We love the taste of sweet, salty, and savory burger concoctions that surely everyone will enjoy. Not only children enjoy them but other ages can definitely enjoy a grown-up smash burger because as they always say, we are forever young in our hearts. 

Having smash burger cravings but no time to grill? Well, satisfy your cravings with SmashMouth Smash Burgers. Our burgers come made-to-order sizzling off the grill and packed with flavor and toppings. Whether you’re a classic burger lover or craving something on the wild side, SmashMouth Burgers always delivers. You can Dine in at our  Rehoboth location or Dine Out at a location with our Food truck. Check out all of our varieties including The Wagyu, Elk, Turkey, and Cowboy Up. So what are you waiting for? Call us at (302) 557-6724 or visit our page www.smashmouthde.com and enjoy the tastiness and juiciness that certainly everyone will love and enjoy.